A Functional Democracy Women's T-Shirt + Book

A Functional Democracy Women's T-Shirt + Book


Who doesn’t love a snarky political t-shirt?

Well, we love ‘em too… except for one thing. It’s so easy these days to get your hands on a "Resist" or an "I Run Better Than The Government" t-shirt that it sometimes can feel as if there is isn’t enough action behind them. Sure, the t-shirt might make us feel good, but is it really accomplishing anything?

That’s why we instituted this rule - You can’t get a t-shirt unless you get "A Beginner's Guide To Local Government" activity kit too. That way, when you’re walking around town rockin' your super cool new shirt, you’ll be able to keep your head held high with all of your super cool new political knowledge.

And you’ll be able to share some of that knowledge with your friends as well, because we decided to get real sneaky with this t-shirt and incorporate some actual, useful information front and center.

The phone number on each shirt is the actual phone number for Austin Mayor Steve Adler's office. 

Now that’s fashion + snark + knowledge. How cool is that?

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